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Self-Employment Business Ideas

February 9, 2016



People would probably be amazed at the opportunities that exist for starting a business. For a lot of business ventures, all that is really required is an entrepreneurial spirit and modest capital. Here are a few examples.


Some Low Budget Options


In today's difficult job market, career counseling is a needed service. With a little research on career planning, you can market your services to job-seekers who are willing to pay for information.


You could offer an online analysis of applicants' skills and personalities, and match them to likely careers. Oddly, many people simply fail to recognize what type of work fits their qualifications, and spend useless time pursuing the wrong jobs. For the cost a website, computer equipment, and resource materials, you could start this business -- assuming you are suited to this work!


Some Investment Required


Medical Transcription services are a regular need and can be one of the most lucrative home business ventures. The health care market is constantly expanding, and doctors need this service to convert their dictated notes to written documents that are then digitally stored. Most doctor offices do not dedicate a staff position to this purpose. Therefore, the market for this service is in demand. It does require specialized computer and transcribing equipment that could exceed $15,000.


Mobile Paper Shredding


One of the big issues in society today is privacy. The digitization of paper records for storage is gaining a lot of attention as hackers invade the electronic systems that store these records. But

what about the paper copy that was scanned and put into the digital file? It has to be disposed of in a way that also assures that private information does not fall into the wrong hands. Shredding is the preferred method of doing this, and, once again, companies don't usually have a "shredding department." Consequently, there are many businesses in the market for shredding services. With a little equipment and an appropriate vehicle, you could start this business.


Professional Services


Among the most profitable businesses to start are those providing financial or legal services. These do require post-secondary education, but if you have those qualifications, self-employment can be very profitable. These specialized services command a premium price with very low overhead, especially if home-based.


If you do not have a financial or legal services background, you can consider getting into coaching or consulting based on the experience you have had in your own life and the knowledge you have gained through years of living. And when you are ready to start a business around this work of yours in the world, contact us. We can help.


This article is a service of Heather Satin, Family Business Lawyer®. We offer a complete spectrum of legal services for businesses and can help you make the right selection. We also offer a Business Protection Strategy Session™, which includes asset protection, product development, and growth strategies that you need for your business. Make an appointment today to discuss any questions you have about your business ideas or to schedule a Business Protection Strategy Session™.




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