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For Business Owners


We monitor your business activities on a regular basis (determined by the planning level chosen with our firm) so we can be proactive about ensuring deals are documented, business moves forward, new ideas are protected, new hires have agreements in place and your company is always in order.


We’ve created unique Business Protection VIP Memberships to keep your legal, insurance, financial and tax affairs up to date around the clock. And, we don’t just take care of your business now – we make sure it will be a valuable asset that continues to create wealth for your family after you are gone.  This is what true legacy is all about.


Many business lawyers overlook this most important of issues, important to your family at least. One day, you will either want to sell your business or you will want to pass it on to your loved ones so that they are taken care of by what you’ve built.  Businesses built right are built with this in mind.  And that’s exactly what we help you do – build a business that can run without you one day.


That means you can take vacations, retire, or pass your business on to your family and know it will continue to bring in money, serve your clients and benefit everyone who comes into contact with it.

Sound good? Learn more by scheduling your personal Business Protection Strategy Session™ today!